Thursday, January 3, 2008


Why are holidays always short??

Ever heard the phrase "Long Holidays" (Except when you ask for a vacation from your boss) I think there are some questions which are never answered convincingly. I still remember being a kid going to school, those forty minutes of lectures at school seemed so long and I remained completely dazzled where did my 'Sundays' whisk away suddenly. I still feel the same after so many years....

By the way there is a long list of these "WHYs"

Why do shares you bought always seem to go red?

Whenever you watch cricket match why does Sachin never scores?

Why do the portion you left always comes in exam?

Why does the queue you leave moves fast?

Why do you never have a beautiful girl sitting next to you while traveling, but your best friend always get lucky?

Seems like this list will never end. Some people are fortunate that most of these "Whys" never do happen in their life, but there are some unfortunate people like me who face them quite often...

But one thing for sure everybody has "Short Vacations" and "Small Sundays".

Any takers???

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Huzefa said...

poor you! I am on the same boat by the way.