Friday, November 30, 2007

They are just Pennies

Last week I got an opportunity to listen to one of the most profound lady in India - Ms Kiran Bedi. I am not able to find the best adjective that can describe her. Many of us are aware of her achievements in Indian Police, but a narration from a person whose eyes have been a witness of all of them was very enchanting. She has redefined the Courage, Determination and Intellect in modern India.

After speaking on India and Personal lives, came the turn of MBA/Business, and as per her candidness, she took a direct aim to shoot on us

"You talk about Corporate Social Responsibility, and you also know Its Just Pennies"

I still remember the statement in my Social Science text book - "Man is a social animal". And like any of us I agree with it and also with the fact that Businesses always come up with fancy words (like C.S.R.) to show they are responsible. C.S.R. as what she meant was a very little step and more things need to be done.

As far as I am concerned I don't know how much Faff the C.S.R. is, but one thing for sure, Society comprises of Individuals and I think there should be call of I.S.R. (Individual Social Responsibility) too. Something which is more than a mere Taxpayer. I hope Ms Bedi will also agree with the same.....

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Journey Begins

It started from no where. I never imagined that blogging and I can marry.

After all things change, People say life is dynamic (How come I never see it) . I was introduced to it by friend and reinforced by one of the bloggers whom I appreaciate a lot for his candidness and clarity.

"Faff". I had never heard this word until I joined MDI.

Everybody says its all "Faff" but then as the terms progress they realise "Guys its more than that".

So lets explore the life and around, after all its no Faff .

Hence the title " its no faff"