Monday, November 19, 2007

The Journey Begins

It started from no where. I never imagined that blogging and I can marry.

After all things change, People say life is dynamic (How come I never see it) . I was introduced to it by friend and reinforced by one of the bloggers whom I appreaciate a lot for his candidness and clarity.

"Faff". I had never heard this word until I joined MDI.

Everybody says its all "Faff" but then as the terms progress they realise "Guys its more than that".

So lets explore the life and around, after all its no Faff .

Hence the title " its no faff"


Prick said...

Welcome on blogging bhai....

100rabh.pant said...

Kala kai kala .....
haan ye bhi ek kala hai;
jo humse behtar ho gaya
kyun unse humein gila hai ?!

tanuj said...

MBA and FAFF are synonmous.
If u r not convinced just look at our subjects in the 2 sems so far and checkout this blog by an MBA

Anand Vaidya said...

I am honored to hear the praise
All the best, hope to read some awesome posts here!

Huzefa said...

I am waiting for your blog post describing faff and similar phenomenon in more detail.

abhs said...

hello gaurav how r u
man its nice to hear u